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The Paschal Band March-a-thon is our No. 1 student fundraiser. The march is usually done well before 3 p.m. but allow that time. You must come join the pep rally at the shopping center and plan of having lunch at one of the nearby restaurants.

The March-a-thon works like other walk-a-thons and jump-a-thons; students canvass the neighborhood for pledges from friends and family, for example $1 for every kilometer. After they finish all 10 kilometers, they collect $10. Students can also solicit cash donations. Below are examples of promotional fliers that students have made to get pledges and donations. We highly encourage you to work with your student to make the most of the march-a-thon. ALL band students are required to march that day so they might as well make money for their own accounts.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED BEFORE THE EVENT: We need chaperones to drive kids to sections of the parade route in the weeks prior to the events. The city requires we notify everyone along the route that there's going to be a parade--this simply means leaving fliers on doors. The real benefit is that students can ring doorbells, tell people in person, and ask if they would like to donate. Many kids get hundreds of dollars in donations for their band fees and spring trip. We need parents who can take a carload of students out to an assigned street and keep an eye on them while they go door to door. We encourage you to help them their sales technique--run through their sales pitch in the car a few times. It is an easy gig and a wonderful way to get to know students.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED THE DAY OF THE EVENT: We need a number of adults to walk with band, help with water, etc.

Here are some helpful forms to download as you collect pledges:
Pledge form
March-a-thon Map
Resident flyer (front)
Resident flyer (back)
Tax deduction form for donators


1. WEAR YOUR BAND TSHIRT WHEN ASKING FOR PLEDGES: Make sure you easily identified as a member of the Paschal High School Marching Band – the people in the Paschal area are used to students soliciting for good causes. Give them a reason to pledge!


3. CANVASS FOR PLEDGES ON SATURDAY: Participate in the canvassing effort on Saturday afternoon after the March-A-Thon. You can also sign up on the sign-up sheet on the bandhall door.

4. CANVASS FOR PLEDGES DURING THE WEEKS AFTER MARCH-A-THON: That’s right! We are going to provide you with parent drivers for a few weeks AFTER the March-A-Thon. Since we did not have the opportunity over the last few weeks to canvass every weekend, we are going to promote “post” March-A-Thon pledges and donations.

5. WRITE A LETTER: Create a letter or flyer with some pictures of you and instrument or flag, and write a short story about why you are fundraising and how friends, family and neighbors can help make that happen with a donation during and after March-A-Thon. There is a sample letter put together by Manda Tuttle on the wall next to Mr. Wright’s office, and additional sample letters next to this list. Distribute this letter to everybody you know – make sure you follow up with a phone call, email or a knock on your neighbors door! Manda included a self-addressed stamped envelope with her letter which made it easy for people to write a check and just drop it in the mail.

6. MAIL THAT LETTER: You don’t need to send out a million letters! If you can think of 10 relatives, friends, neighbors or anybody else you know who you think might support you that is a great start. Not everybody will respond, but if 5 of those 10 people send you $20 then you will $100 in your trip fund!

7. EMAIL THAT LETTER: Send the letter you write to everybody on your email list and ask everybody on your email list to send the letter to everybody on THEIR email list! Ask your parents to email your letter to all their friends and business associates.

8. USE SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest are great resources to reach out to your friends – if you have 170 Facebook friends and you ask each of them to donate a $5 you’ll pay for your entire trip! Or maybe you are REALLY popular and have 850 friends – ask them each for $1.

9. USE THE PAYPAL LINK ON THE BAND WEBSITE: No matter how you reach out to people, make sure they know about the PayPal link on the band website – it’s an easy way for people to just click and donate.

10. TALK TO STRANGERS: Knock on doors in your neighborhood (be safe, do it during daylight, go with a buddy or parent), approach local business owners like your parents dry cleaner, or the local convenience store, and ask for a pledge. You will be surprised how many people will help you out if you are sincere.

11. NEVER GIVE UP AND BE PERSISTENT: Be relentless in your effort. If you are shy, team up with a buddy who is not so shy and get out there and pound the pavement.

12. CALL ME OR EMAIL ME FOR HELP – David Tuttle, 2013 March-A-Thon Chair, 817-917-0436

Here are two examples of
successful fund-raising letters:

(Click to view larger)


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