Region/Area Competition

Congrats to all the kids who did so well in the Region & Area Competitions! Out of the 25 participating schools in our region, Paschal HS had the 3rd most students earn recognition!

Area Qualifiers: Jisoo Kim, Lauren Houston, Christian Ortega, Savanna Kurz, Jakab Macias, Tom Nyul, Lindsey Gansky, Zach Rangel, Gregory Newman, Noelle Rutledge, Matthew Keys, Sam McKean, David Acosta

All-Region Band Members:Jisoo Kim, Megan Ferguson, Lauren Houston, Christian Ortega, Savanna Kurz, Artasia Jackson, Aron Collazo, Adarius Jones, Jakab Macias, Sarah Woodard, Tom Nyul, Zach Rangel, Gregory Newman, Noelle Rutledge, Matthew Keys, Sam Bennett, Misa Womack, Sam McKean, David Acosta

9th Grade All-Region:Jisoo Kim, Kimberley Esquivel, Deborah Leckie, Syris Thomas, Bobby Nyul, Sam Bennett, Aaron Turner, Misa Womack, Daniel Teichler, Brian Kaye, Jason Guenther

Band Portraits

The portraits are completed! (except for 3 trombones that I need to redo - sorry!) Be on the lookout for e-mails that will let you know when you can come to the band hall to review the proofs. We'll have them on a laptop for you to view. There will be order forms for you to fill out and you can make your payment at that time. (Cash, Check, or Credit Card) The date will be sometime in January after the kids return to school from winter break.

Jazz News

Donate to the Jazz Band's Montreaux Festival Trip!

CLICK HERE for the informational flyer.


Thank you Mexican Inn!
Mexican Inn has donated $750 to the Paschal Band from the proceeds of Spirit Night! The next time you go out for dinner, choose Mexican Inn - and be sure to tell them "Thank You" for supporting the Paschal Band.


Photo News

Panoramic photo of the band on AT&T Stadium field available!
(Contact the webmaster if you'd prefer not to pay online.)



Albertson's Community Partners Program
Every time you shop at any Albertsons grocery store, just get a Community Partners card at any Albertsons, scan the card BEFORE you pay for your groceries, and the band boosters will get up to 5% cash back on all purchases! CLICK HERE to print out some temporary cards until you apply for your permanent card.


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