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June 10-13: Percussion Rehearsal Camp (required for all 2014-2015 drumline & front ensemble members)

June 10 13: Colorguard Choreography and Skills Camp

June 17: Colorguard Tuesday rehearsals begin (10 am 4 pm)

June 21: Band students giving building tours for PHS Class of 69 and 74

June 22-26: TCU Music & Leadership Camp (President, VP, Section Leaders)

July 22 23: Leadership Workshop with Mr. Centera (SLT Members only)

July 31: Leadership Workday

Aug 1: Senior/Junior Band Registration and Uniform Fitting

Aug 2: Sophomore/Freshmen Band Registration and Uniform Fitting

Aug 4: Summer Band Rehearsals begin (7:30 am 4 pm)


Parents: We need you as volunteers! Click Here to fill out a short form that will let us know more about you!

FWISD posts March-a-thon promo on YouTube!
CLICK HERE to see a promotional video from last year's March-a-thon event with Arlington Heights created by FWISD. Be sure to share the link with friends and family!

Congratulations to the new 2014-2015 Leadership Team:! Click Here to meet the team.

Believe it or not, we're already making plans for a successful 2014 March-a-thon in September! We're going to take care of the canvassing over the summer. CLICK HERE to sign-up. Here's what we need:

1. 15 Team Leaders (Parents/Adults)
2. 15 Student Team Leaders (2014-2015 Leadership Team Member)
3. #?? Student Canvassers (all PHS Band student members!!!)

PLEDGE CANVASSING DATES: Canvassing will start on June 16th and run through the end of August. YOU MUST SIGN UP HERE TO BE ASSIGNED TO A CANVASSING TEAM. Specific dates will be assigned to teams once they are set up.


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